JES creates architecture that is worth living in and adds value to their users.
Enjoyable habitats to which everyone can say: YES!

How JES works

JES helps owners and developers, cities and communities as well as architects and businesses shape visionary concepts before the architectural design phase even begins.We work out what, why, how and with whom to build. We deliver impulses, concepts, collaborative processes and master plans.


New perspectives and thought-provoking impulses

Phase -1

Clear concepts for city and project development

Phase 0

Participation and consensus of all stakeholders


Collaborative processes with other architects


Creative direction throughout the entire planning process

What JES does

The focus of all JES projects is the development of a vital city life:
Open Places. Healthy Buildings. Smart Spaces.

Who JES is

Julia Erdmann founded JES as an agile network of talented thought leaders with expertise in architecture and urban planning, sociology, futurology, landscape planning and project development.
We are united by the will to shape and to improve our environment.