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Andrés Giraldo

Andrés calls himself UCFA: Urban Co-working Freelancing Architect. He works for several teams in different cities, designs concepts for interiors and exteriors, does the 3D modelling or takes over the entire project management. At JES he also enriches the projects with effervescent creativity.

Andrés Giraldo studied in Cambridge, Bremen and Hamburg, implemented projects in Columbia and Spain and wrote his master thesis about the Olympic Center in Łazienki-Park, Warsaw. His work is as international and active as his curriculum vitae: As an architect and designer he creates designs for interiors and exteriors, builds 3D models and concepts for translating brands into architecture. His biggest passion is the creation of experience-spaces and spatial-experiences, which always correlates with his interest in developing architecture itself as a brand. Andrés looks at the design of places and buildings from a user-journey perspective that is similar to user-oriented social architecture: with JES he creates spaces with which the customer can identify and in which one experiences a unique story.


I understand Socialtecture as the creation of ideas from the users’ point of view. As a designer and architect, I always have to be able to speak at eye level with the future residents. I see myself as a translator of the client’s wishes. Yield isn’t everything, it’s about creating more value!

What is your vision for the design of cities?

To create exciting moments in the city for everyone – whether you call them residents, users or customers. It’s about achieving new creative usage concepts through synergies between designers, planners and developers. This is the only way to turn urban space into experienceable architecture.

What do you think is special about co-creating with JES?

In JES I see the future of work! As a UCFA: Urban Co-working Freelancing Architect, I am constantly on the move throughout the city. The city is my natural environment, the city is my workplace – the same for many of the JES team. I often work with different teams in different cities. Simply being free to decide where and when I work is the most important thing for me when working as a creative.