Anne Baily

Anne is a real-estate economist and takes seriously article 14 of the civic code: with ownership comes responsibility. For JES projects, she develops socially relevant concepts for on-site operations and oversees the intelligent management of real estate.

During her long career in asset management (i.e. at Savills Investment and Watts Consulting), Anne Bailly has acquired a lot of experience in the real estate industry, especially with regard to its interactions with buildings, their inhabitants and the urban environments. Real estate companies, social agencies, trustees and private investors often fail to grasp these interconnecting threads, which is why she redirects their attention back to what matters: the people. She aims at overseeing the full life cycle of a property, allowing her to address both investors’ and users’ needs. Since 2016, she is owner and CEO of Bailly Real Estate Ltd. Together with the JES team, she develops holistic approaches and sustainable concepts. She is passionate about her honest and transparent approach not only with her co-creators, but also with all future users.


For me, Socialtecture means thinking afresh about spaces that are already built. We place them in larger contexts than what is usual in the real estate sector. Socialtecture addresses the key question which should always be at the heart of the construction industry and building laws: how shall we live?


What is your vision of urban planning?

My vision is not a completed one. In fact, my vision keeps changing and develops alongside new ideas, information and inspirations, especially through exchange with other people.


What makes co-creative work at JES so special?

Our co-creative work facilitates a form of exchange where visions for new spaces come to life.