Julia Boog

Julia is a literary scholar and has always regarded texts as spaces of their own right. At JES, she translates the vitality and openness of Socialtecture into Socialtexture.

Julia Boog studied literary criticism and art history in Hamburg. No matter if she publishes in scholarly journals, in magazines (i.e. FALL, Dare, Avenue) or for the JES network, she likes to translate ambiences and ideas into metaphors and word creations. Currently, she works at IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies in Vienna and writes an academic book on infantile knowledge. At JES, she curates the homepage and the network’s publications, press releases, articles and blog entries. She believes that the right wording crafts the right relationship. Social. Interpersonal. Socialtexture.



For me, Socialtecture means creating a structure, a real building or an abstract entity that allows everyone to feel at ease. Not only the investors, but also the inhabitants. Obviously, also those who build these structures. Socialtecture means creating, from the first step onwards, a social and humane system.


How do you want to make a change?

The first step is openness. To listen to everyone and, based on different needs, to create a consensus. To walk the world with eyes and ears wide open certainly enriches our lives!


What is so special about co-creative work at JES?

What did I just say about eyes and ears wide open? That’s how we work here. We come from different backgrounds and hold different views on architecture. As a copyeditor, I think in words and stories rather than in surfaces and lines. I can only imagine what and how architects think, for example based on the symbols and metaphors they create. At JES, people embrace my ideas because they are so different. That’s quite unusual in such a competitive working environment. That alone suffices to make a change! With open eyes and hearts. JES!