Lars Zimmermann

After following the conventional path of studying architecture, Lars devotes himself to creating non-conventional spaces: that is, emotionally charged places of encounter, both for people and brands. At JES, he plans and designs new spaces and sustainable concepts.

After studying architecture in Hamburg, Lars Zimmermann lived and worked in the Netherlands for 10 years, a period from which he benefitted both professionally and personally. Since 15 years, he creates emotionally charged places of encounter for people and brands. These spaces are profoundly moving and are devised as starting points for something new. His special interest lies in urban mobility. Germany, he finds, has a lot to learn from the Netherlands. At JES, he manages projects focussing on sustainability and mobility.


For me, Socialtecture means putting people and their needs at the heart of the building process.

How do you want to make a change?

Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” A city is a living, diverse and colourful entity. A city is a network and a structure. A city is our daily environment and it determines how we live and act. Why do we feel comfortable here, but not there? What defines a lively and liveable city? Targeted interventions can improve a city’s or a place’s quality of life, and this is something where I want to get actively involved.

What makes co-creative work at JES so special?

I enjoy working with highly motivated, creative and professional project partners. They are all driven by the vision that we can change our lives and environment positively.