City of Music

Soundcheck Einladung

The Reeperbahn Festival – Europe’s most important meeting place for the music industry and related sectors – will also play host to questions about the future of the city.  


Under the heading “Boden gutmachen – Stadtplanung für eine Musikmetropole” (Making up the ground – urban planning for a music metropolis), city representatives and residents ask themselves how the coexistence of creative, residential and commercial space can succeed in the future.  


Hamburg’s developed land is scarce and expensive. Culturally-minded and creative people in particular make a valuable contribution to the identity of a city, but can no longer afford to live in it. Against this background, does urban development have to be rethought? Julia Erdmann says “JES!” and supports the demand for a reform of land law.


Is it still appropriate that land in our cities is almost exclusively privately traded? That the purchase and resale of land is almost tax-free? How should the cultivated land in our cities be allocated in the future? For Julia Erdmann, the solution lies in the formation of new urban communities: Alliances that form around properties, uses and themes that are made up of public, real estate and private actors. A community that ensures a lively city life in the long term. Neither top-down nor bottom-up, but from society’s centre.  


Sound utopian? A socially just, co-creative use of city space is the foundation of all socialtecture.

Occasion: Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg

Leistung: Impulse – Lecture at the „Soundcheck Hamburg“

Further participants: Dr. Carsten Brosda (Senator of the Authority for Culture and Media), Marit Pedersen (Urban Planner at the Authority for Urban Development and Housing), Frantz Steinbach (French Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism), Egbert Rühl (Managing Director of the Hamburg Creative Society). 

Date: 20 September 2018