How do we want to live

wie wollen wir wohnen – Julia Erdmann 04
wie wollen wir wohnen – Julia Erdmann 03
wie wollen wir wohnen – Julia Erdmann 05

With decision-makers from politics, business, research and architecture, Julia Erdmann discussed the future challenges of urban life. She drew attention to a user group that is all but forgotten in our efforts to build new homes: the young middle class or “creative class”. For these people, who are neither welfare cases nor assets, there is currently no suitable offer available. But they are looking for creative alternatives that can solve fundamental urban planning problems. This can mean the development of new districts, the revitalization of neglected areas or innovative residential concepts. All it requires are the right ideas and a proper framework.

Client: Polis Convention GmbH
Service: Discussion contribution at the Polis Convention – new trade fair for urban and project development
Date: May 17 – 18, 2017
Potos with courtesy of Polis