Just do it


In the extraordinary publication “Architekturgespräche – Zwischen Kritik und Firmenmarketing” (“Architecture Talk – Between Criticism and Corporate Marketing”), Jung & DOM publishers gathered interviews from 100 architects who have discussed their buildings and positions during the Jung Architecture Talks in recent years. Following her 2016 lecture “Architecture and Responsibility” in Frankfurt, Julia Erdmann gave insights into her recipe for success by “just doing it” in an interview. Whether collecting inspiration, living with children or designing competition processes, Julia Erdmann makes it clear that the joy and success of every process lies in finding both one’s own, and other’s solutions: “I develop the best ideas when I am not concerned with architecture but with life. […] You just have to run off and find new ways – just do it.”  

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Client: Jung & DOM publishers

Service: Lecture and interview at Jung Architekturgespräche

Release date: December 2017