New Life in the Hafencity


The HafenCity is one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Europe. Andat the Sandtorpark, Julia Erdmann has designed a top-class restaurant for Michelin-starred chef Matteo Ferrantino.

With the opening of Bianc in November 2017, not only a new culinary destination emerged, but also a new, unique urban space. Here, gourmet cuisine and high-end architecture meet Mediterranean serenity and the joy of being together: When guests enter, they look over a large area reminiscent of a Roman piazza, with round tables and elegant chairs. A curving platform made of olive wood parquet floats through the room and leads the eye to a panoramic view of Sandtorpark and the Elbphilharmonie. In the center of the restaurant stands an 80-year-old olive tree. This proud tree not only brings the park atmosphere inside, but also a piece of Matteo Ferrantino’s home region: The fragrance and force of Southern Italy’s Apulian flora. Overhead stretches a wooden slat ceiling that enhances the associations of a day at the coast: straw canopies, a warm sun and salt on the skin. Here guests can come to leave their everyday life behind.

However, the heart of Bianc is the open kitchen: In this White Cube, the chef creates his two-star dishes right in the guests’ field of vision. Julia Erdmann has created a space that tells of Matteo Ferrantino’s life puts his culinary art in the best light and at the same time brings the extraordinary cityscape of the HafenCity inside. “For me the most important thing is that people have a good time,” emphasizes the architect. “I’m not only concerned with the guests, but also with the people of Hamburg, who are hopefully proud that such a place exists in their city. Bianc makes the city itself an excellent host.”

Client: Bianc Restaurant

Service: Masterplan

Completion: November 2017

Website: bianc

Photos: bianc / Tor Soreide