Picnic in the Park


Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a quick break in the park with a small gourmet lunch? For those who call this often-grey, cloud-blanketed city home, it’s not a common pleasure. But, JES has made it possible by once more pairing the exquisite cuisine of star chef Matteo Ferrantino with the feel of Mediterranean coastal towns – this time in the form of Bianc’s more colourful little brother: PICNIC.


This extraordinary day bar is within walking distance of Bianc – vis-à-vis the Magellan Terrasses (Magellanterrassen) and the Elbphilharmonie. Here PICNIC has become a natural feature of the Sandtorpark, uniting the inside with the outside in a harmonious, site-specific location that offers an ideal setting for the elegant gastronomy of Matteo Ferrantino. PICNIC offers to-go options for picnic style lunches, as well as a variety of spaces to enjoy your meal at the restaurant: on the cozy park terrace, inside on the colourful stone-floor piazza, at the long, curving bar at its heart or in the verdant winter garden tucked away in the back overlooking the Speicherstadt.


Guests can sit in the front area under glass lanterns on colourful patio furniture or on a comfortable bench seat to take in the sweeping curves of Sandtorpark, or they can linger in the rear winter garden at communicative wooden tables under palms and banana trees. Whether for business lunch, a neighborhood meeting, or an after work aperitivo: PICNIC invites you to come and stay a while at any time of day.


Colourful and energetic up front, green and balanced at the back. PICNIC is unified by a gently curving white, wood-topped bar that swings through these two distinct atmospheres above a floor of Mediterranean natural stone: here you can discover the creations of star chef Matteo Ferrantino on an intimate scale. This is where the chef’s creativity and the unique nature of the interior design meet: open to everyone, uncomplicated, sumptuous – and above all, human. JES has created another enchanting space that Hamburg has never seen before: Gourmet for everyone!

Client: Bianc / Picnic

Service: Masterplan

Completion: Juli 2018

Co-Creation: Christoph Spielvogel, Project Management, Gielissen

Landscape Design: Andi Lechte

Photos: Franca Wrage, Jon Young