Ralf Harder

Ralf is an all-rounder talent. He studied Design Thinking, German literature, film studies and economics. At JES, he puts this diverse background into use as a strategy consultant and internal communications officer for idea development.

Between 2005 and 2015, Ralf attended university in Germany, France and India. His curriculum includes Design Thinking, German studies, film studies and economics. Along with his studies, he made feature films, documentaries and commercials, then organised festivals (HALLO FESTSPIELE, 2015-2016) and worked as a playwright and director (recently „Future is now“, Augmented Reality Walk, Treibstoff Theatertage Basel). Since 2010, he works as a freelance strategy consultant, specialising on innovations in real estate developments. Based on this interest, he co-founded the platform arealisten to further the new work phase 0 and to open project developments to the public. At JES, his expertise includes new formats in idea development. He ensures user friendliness and liveability are considered during all stages of project development.


For me, Socialtecture means realising that buildings are incredibly complex entities. Buildings are always the result of team work. That is, in a best case scenario. Buildings are the perfect display of people’s cooperation and co-creation. That’s why I am passionate about taking in consideration as many perspectives as possible, throughout the process of planning, sketching and construction. This includes users, builders, neighbours, children and laymen, but also nature itself, which has no voice of its own.


What is your vision of urban planning?

I plead for more courage for new experiments, so that new standards can be set in terms of planning and construction. Too many areas are overseen by experts and, as a consequence, opaque, unjust and undemocratic. I hope this will change, and that’s what I stand for.


What makes co-creative work at JES so special?

Primarily the people. Everybody collaborates and is very trusting. I enjoy other people sharing their ideas, experiences and their inspiring expertise. We’re all rather unbiased and unpretentious. Everyone is interested in the best result, not in personal fame. At JES, we contribute our individual expertise and soak up the knowledge of the people around us.