Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan is founder of McL.digital, a CreativeShare Consultancy. This innovative consultancy addresses all aspects of digital transformation and optimisation for corporate cultures. Alongside the JES team, he develops new methods for urban participation workshops.

In 2015, Ryan McLaughlin founded McL.digital, a global network of diverse partners and talents specialising on digital transformation. Together they focus on developments and implementations of “learning journeys” and “Design Thinking workshops”. Furthermore, they analyse and improve corporate cultures by means of prototypes of cultural optimisation or, even, change. Prior to founding McL.digital, Ryan held executive positions at Boston, Los Angeles and New York. His clients include Nike, Converse, Toyota, VW, Capital One, Verizon, Walmart and Microsoft. Ryan holds the title of a “Global Digital Ambassador” from the international management consultancy Roland Berger. He is Chair of the Master’s course “Innovation Management” at Steinbeis School of Management. He also presented at various national and international conferences. His motto is: “There’s no perfect world, but we can improve it.” At JES, he sticks to this principle by optimising participation processes through new workshop formats and innovation methods.


For me, Socialtecture means to stay human-centric during creation and construction. Developing with empathy, keeping the people in mind. This means safeguarding the feasibility of what we developed, not only for an individual, but for society at large. Individuals are always part of a larger eco-system.


How do you want to make a change?

We need to bring possibilities of change to the attention of today’s executives and the leaders of tomorrow. That’s the only way forward. Appreciation and good faith are not enough, you need the readiness to initiate necessary change. This should result in executives’ commitment to act in accordance with sustainable practices and the public benefit. Supporting this cause, I have already brought together executives with social and economic thought leaders at world-wide meetings.


What makes co-creative work at JES so special?

“Diversity of thought” is a principle which can produce inspiring and stimulating results—not only in the digital, but also the physical sphere. It also produces pioneering results in the social-economic sphere. At JES, all parties come from different backgrounds and use different methods, but their collaboration boosts not only the results, but also our learning curves. Our network’s inclusive environment allows us to appreciate synergies, without ever losing control over our individual inputs.