Tuo Li

Tuo is always in motion: between his degree in architecture and self-employment, between Hamburg and China, and between analogue and digital environments. At JES, he oversees model making and virtual reality, a growing sector in architecture and urban planning.

Since Tuo Li moved from China to Germany in 2002, he not only commutes between the two countries, but also between various trainings and ideas. Alongside his studies, he works as a model maker and 3D print expert at gmp Architekten, where he gained valuable insights into different areas. His is passionate about new technologies and puts them into use at work. Being part of a network comprised by current VR innovators, he finds, programs and develops new technologies for architecture and urban planning. That’s how he seeks to improve quality of life. At JES, his models and VR sketches follow this vision.


For me, Socialtecture works as an interdisciplinary platform of social science, communication studies and architecture. It is united by the aim of producing a sustainable social structure.


What is your vision of urban planning?

In cities, reduced mobility should be replaced by its inhabitants’ curiosity to explore different spaces. Free public transport and an autonomous transportation network for non-motorised vehicles would make for a good start.


What makes co-creative work at JES so special?

I enjoy applying my expertise in new technologies with an eye on the future. JES facilitates manifold experiments for VR application in urban planning. That’s a rare feat in the architecture industry.