Who is JES?

Not just a name, but a program!

JES is an agile network of talented thought leaders with expertise in architecture, urban and landscape planning, project development, futurology and sociology.


The team ensures that tasks, projects and locations come together with the right ideas and people. JES creates a platform for new work.


In ‘social network mode’, complex questions from different perspectives are considered. Depending on the task, JES connects different expertises to form flexible and powerful cooperatives. Leadership and co-creation are the key words.


JES thinkers and creators see themselves as autonomous, creative parts of a larger idea: shaping and improving the world through life-focused urban architecture. That’s JES.

Julia Erdmann


Julia is an architect, city planner, founder and the creative head of the JES network. As the creative node between proprietors, city councils, architects and future users, she makes sure projects are matched with the right people and concepts.

Anne Baily


Anne is a real-estate economist and takes seriously article 14 of the civic code: with ownership comes responsibility. For JES projects, she develops socially relevant concepts for on-site operations and oversees the intelligent management of real estate.

Eva Lang


Eva is Julia Erdmann’s co-pilot. She accompanies the JES founder on all projects and has her back so she can focus on her core tasks. With great insight and worldliness, the student of culture and education management guides the network, contacts and meetings. In the spirit of the JES solution: Make it simple! 

Indra Musiol


Indra is an innovation coach and creative trainer for businesses, organisations and agencies. Alongside the JES team, she develops new formats of urban innovation thinking, runs workshops and supervises processes.

Fermín Tribaldos


Fermín is a Spanish architect and entrepreneur. He has always been interested in the people behind the buildings: With his series of events “Architects, not Architecture”, he has created a new, lively format for communicating architecture. With the same ingenuity, he is helping to shape the JES Idea Championship.

Paul Claussen


Paul is an experienced Integrated Designer and dedicates his heart and soul to the social processes of our collaboration: For example through interdisciplinarity, which is also how he lives! As a trained boat and ship builder, he also develops new workshop tools and formats for the JES crew that lead to new shores.

Julia Boog


Julia is a literary scholar and has always regarded texts as spaces of their own right. At JES, she translates the vitality and openness of Socialtecture into Socialtexture.

Jon Young


Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Residential Architecture and Policy and works as a freelance copyeditor, English teacher and photographer. At JES, he contributes sketches, drawings and an international perspective.

Lars Zimmermann


After following the conventional path of studying architecture, Lars devotes himself to creating non-conventional spaces: that is, emotionally charged places of encounter, both for people and brands. At JES, he plans and designs new spaces and sustainable concepts.

Michael Dolz


Michael is sociologist, lecturer and expert on resilience. At JES, he inquires into the fundamental questions behind social change and develops meta-strategies for urban development.

Ralf Harder

Hamburg, Bern

Ralf is an all-rounder talent. He studied Design Thinking, German literature, film studies and economics. At JES, he puts this diverse background into use as a strategy consultant and internal communications officer for idea development.

Ryan McLaughlin


Ryan is founder of McL.digital, a CreativeShare Consultancy. This innovative consultancy addresses all aspects of digital transformation and optimisation for corporate cultures. Alongside the JES team, he develops new methods for urban participation workshops.

Tuo Li


Tuo is always in motion: between his degree in architecture and self-employment, between Hamburg and China, and between analogue and digital environments. At JES, he oversees model making and virtual reality, a growing sector in architecture and urban planning.

Xiaowen Xu


Xiaowen studied city planning in China. Her focus lies on the possibilities of urban renewal and sustainable developments. This also brought her to Hamburg, where she did her master in Urban Design. As a new resident of Rothenburgsort, she oversees JES projects based in Hamburg’s east.