Right in the middle of Hamburg – highly visible, yet unaccessible – a big green box catches the eye: Here, a temporary laboratory is installed in which the challenges posed by digitalization are explored and discussed. Around this box there are 14.000 sqm between Deichtorhallen und Hamburg`s Großmarkt, free to be used for the Hammerbrooklyn Future Campus. Still under construction, this campus should bring together citizens, experts, companies, universities and public institutions to shape the yet rather unnoticed district Hammerbrooklyn and the future of Hamburg at large. 


JES is commissioned to design a process to develop this Campus of new ideas and innovative urban developments. The team created a new way to solute this complex task with a new architecture and urban design process: The Ideenmeisterschaft Hammerbrooklyn. 


This „championship of ideas” is a multiple-phased idea-process in which JES combines methods of co-creation with existing elements of architecture competitions. The Ideenmeisterschaft develops ideas for spaces and ideas for activities at the same time – which is especially relevant, as there is no detailed program and no predefined urban masterplan for the Hammerbrooklyn project 


Therefore, JES developed the BIG PICTURE prior to the Ideenmeisterschaft: The Campus has to be more than just office and teaching buildings. There must be a free space for the trade of ideas – or if you stay in the terms of digitalization – for new data and streams. JES calls it: The Hammerbrooklyn BIG MARKET. In Hamburg, the city of trade, the BIG MARKET is the perfect place for a vibrant meeting space where work is based on people-to-people exchange in order to connect ideas and inventions with everyday lifeThe historical and contemporary Grossmarkt is the foundation of this european hub for the distribution of „the digital“.  


Giving this basis, the Ideenmeisterschaft will take place for one week (End of October 2019), called „IdeeAthlon“, where all participants and stakeholders come and work intensively together in Hamburg. Five international architectural firms are commissioned to create individual design concepts. In addition, thought leaders with expertise in the topics of work, life, digitalization and mobility will develop programmatic ideas which will support the architectural designs.  


The championship of ideas points out the potential of this still little lively district with its direct connection to the water and train network. Walking tours, inspirational lectures, joint lunches and dinners will explore the socio-spatial context: The environment, character and history of the Münzviertel, Oberhafen, wholesale market and Hafencity — making Hammerbrook a unique urban centre. 


Thus, together with all invited experts and architects JES will tackle the challenges of the future: What kind of place is Hammerbrooklyn going to be? How can it become a creative, productive place? What activities, uses and services are needed and should take place? The final results will be presented to a Jury in January 2020. 


The Ideenmeisterschaft will unleash the unique spot’s potential, make it accessible for the people of Hamburg and set an impulse for further developments in the area. Co-creating Hammerbrooklyn’s BIG MARKET!