Anna Schwan

As a communications scientist with a doctorate, Anna shapes the possibilities of digital transformation. Her agency Schwan Communications transforms complex topics into tangible stories and distributes them to specific target groups on the Internet. For complex JES_projects Anna designs the communication at the intersection with the public.

In her doctorate, “Advertising instead of weapons”, Anna Schwan dealt with the immense effect of strategic communication on real life situations. In her career – at the German Embassy in New York, with Scholz&Friends and as head of the press and communications department of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier – she further developed the impact of content. In 2015, she founded Schwan Communications in order to do justice to the extensive evolution of communication through digital transformation and to play with content in real and digital space according to target groups. The collaborative agency creates emotionally experienceable stories from complex topics for its mainly institutional clients: Beautiful, concise and relevant, so that they resonate on a multitude of digital channels. With JES, Anna designs and organizes innovation conferences and develops the communication for the complex contents of the JES Idea Championship; always connected with the question: How do we want to live in the future?


For me, socialtecture means rethinking urbanism – with a mediating, social character that involves the citizens of the city from the outset in order to work collaboratively at eye level on the city of tomorrow. In this way, the innovative power of the residents becomes collective intelligence, with which completely new approaches to urban planning and communication become conceivable.

How do you want to improve the world?

The world can only be improved through many small initiatives started by many committed people. In this sense, I try to lead a good, honest and sustainable life. Working in this way provides Schwan Communications’ customers a voice in the initiatives and projects that have set themselves the goal of making the world a better place. In doing so, we create visibility and attention for the good in the world.

What do you think is special about working with JES?

JES brings together the expertise of specialists for the work and life of tomorrow in a collaborative way. This is how new, innovative thought patterns and project ideas emerge, but also concrete organizational and process flows that enrich each individual and produce transdisciplinary projects that are second to none.