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Eva Lang

Eva is Julia Erdmann’s co-pilot. She accompanies the JES founder on all projects and supports her, so Julia can focus on her core tasks. With great insight and worldliness, the student of culture and education management guides the network, contacts and meetings. In the spirit of the JES solution: Just do it!

Eva is well-travelled and multilingual, with a great interest in mediating between cultures and people. After a year abroad in California, she spent another year in Peru and speaks both Spanish and English fluently. Her current degree in Business Administration and Cultural Management at the European University of Applied Sciences also testifies her desire to better understand global contexts and to help shape coexistence in both social and economic frameworks.

At JES, all of these motivations come together. Eva supports Julia Erdmann across projects: She ensures that team projects and appointments run smoothly, manages contacts and communication, and also enjoys diving deeper into project research. On a par with everyone and with an eye on everything, she always keeps in mind the bigger picture. For the founder of JES, Eva is a born diplomat: open-minded, optimistic and equipped with the special gift of adapting to any social context and group. Where Eva is, people feel comfortable!

Socialtecture is the most logical and healthiest approach to plan a room for me – no matter what size. It considers and involves everything and everyone: Those who already have a relationship to the space, those who want to create one, and even those who don’t know yet they can have a relationship to the space at all.

For me, socialtecture means that one is aware of the responsibility that a space carries, and thus has the tool to fulfil this responsibility – without the danger of arrogance. This way of building represents the beginning of a new currency: Planning no longer only calculates in euros per square metre, but also in vitality per square metre!

How do you want to improve the world?

My vision for future urban design is to create spaces that can move with the times, dynamically adapt to the needs of users and yet still create enough constancy and stability within this dynamic for trust and security. For me, this also means making it possible for different cultures and social strata to meet: An important step towards a better world!

What do you think is special about working with JES in a co-creative way?

Everyone has a voice and a role that only he or she can articulate in this form. Everybody has the possibility to find his place naturally and to make his day as productive as possible. You can always exchange ideas with people from completely different fields and learn something new. That’s why there’s never the danger of getting into an everyday routine in which you don’t develop any further. This is true for the internal and external project work of JES. Everywhere our co-creative way of working is perceived as positive and constructive.