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Jon Young

Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Residential Architecture and Policy and works as a freelance copyeditor, English teacher and photographer. At JES, he contributes sketches, drawings and an international perspective.

Thanks to his ten-years experience as a freelancer, Jon Young has developed a broad set of skills to realise a plethora of projects. He graduated with distinction in Housing Studies and also read a degree in philosophy and economics. Still at college, he started writing as a copyeditor and wrote articles for Matador Network, New York Magazine und Prohbtd. Born and raised in Oregon, US, he now lives in Hamburg. He writes and blogs about his travels and puts his international expertise to use at JES. Currently, he works as an intern and reads a Master’s in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning. He supports the team with translations, sketches and many ideas regarding city, nightlife and lifestyle.


For me, Socialtecture is the only feasible way to create a building. This approach respects users and replaces ego-driven designs with warmth and vitality.


What is your vision of urban planning?

My vision for future city designs is based on integrating everyday life: the creation of liveable, community-focussed urban spaces. Ideally, cities should consume less time and resources than they are today. Instead, families, friends and neighbours should be placed at the forefront. We change the world by changing our immediate environment.


What makes co-creative work at JES so special?

For me, working with JES is like owning the key to a treasury filled with talent and knowledge. Here, people come from discrete backgrounds, they all work independently and successfully. Once you pool all this talent, you can create something even better. That’s the great gift of JES!